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Krutarth Solanki

I have been using this bike for more than six months and it is great in terms of accessibility, comfort and looks. This product offers both mannual and electric mode which is absolutely user friendly. It has a smooth pick up and the brakes work pretty well too. Be it a nearby commute or a long one; it is totally hassle free to ride it along the traffic jammed roads, narrow streets or to even go for long rides in the evening. Being from the design field, this bike makes a great company to go along for sketching tours and site visits, in and around the city as well.
Krutarth Solanki, Student ( B. Arch.)

Amaan Ram

I have been using the CYCLOBIKE Smart for half a year now and am a fan of this e bike. It's flawless and totally comfortable to ride. The features are easy to use and the speed is also appreciable. Cycling in every weather condition is easy and all the electronics are well covered and protected. The pedal assist feature is the best thing a cycle could offer and I use it every day to commute to school. All the features work very well and the comfort of riding is commendable. However, the looks of the cycle have scope for improvement.
Amaan Ram, Student, Vadodara

Mr. Haresh Tamboli

I would strongly recommend CYCLOBIKE.. Me and my son are using this electric bicycle since November 2020 and we found it perfect for city commute with exercise. While it’s a robust bicycle, it’s electrical performance is highly satisfactory. Further, ‘ LIFE TIME BATTERY’ feature is really value for money. Best wishes to CYCLOBIKE..
Mr. Haresh Tamboli, Vadodara.

Mr. Lalit Parmar

Just go for CYCLOBIKE! I am using this electric bicycle @ 70 Kms daily for my commute between Malad and Aeroli since August 2021. Terrific performance! The company claims 2000 charging cycles battery life with 70 Kms battery mileage and even today I don’t see any brand in India to match its specs! Further the company is very supportive in terms of assistance and service. It has helped me improved my health post COVID-19 while reducing my weight significantly, as I use pedal assist daily. Thank you CYCLOBIKE!
Mr. Lalit Parmar, Mumbai.

Ms. Sheel Bhosale

The quality of this e-bike is very good Performance is excellent and no maintenance issue has occurred yet I am using this e-bike for 2 weeks and it's not only my favorite but my colleagues too liked it a lot The most beneficial feature is its energy efficiency, with rising prices of petrol nowadays it's a very convenient option to choose. It also gives the additional wellness benefit, by cycling each day to college my health is also maintained. The main thing is it doesn't require a license, so for teenagers who r below 18 for them, it is a blessing. Its pollution-free. And whenever we want to go outstation we can keep it inside the house since its not that heavy

Mr. Rajiv Pandya

Hi! I am Rajiv pandya and I am a practicing Architect in Vadodara based firm. I am enjoying my cyclobike from more than 4 months now. Why cyclobike because cyclobike has got more features than other ebikes available right now in our Indian Market with a similar price range Cyclobike performs excellent in urban conditions where acceleration is an absolute necessacity after every stop also it has got dual disc brakes for more control and it has got various speed modes to control and regulate the speed In case of kids more often. I believe in minimal kind of life style. To me Cyclobike is not just for leasure. I take to my Office everyday also I take to my sites whenever possible thus reducing the use of car.Also It helps me in my cardiac along with my work, whenever I need. My wife and my kids love Cyclobike. she takes cyclobike for shopping. my daughter takes cyclobike for outdoors, that has definitely reduced the use of mobile. I love Music so Every Sunday I just put on my headphones and take an early cityride along with my cyclobike.Its comfortable fast and fun. I would like all to Greener with cyclobike & wish everyone a very Happy Cyclobiking.

Mr. Joseph Devasia

The Cyclobike is the only one in its category that offers a life time battery. Despatched in a very smart package, it comes fully assembled and within no time one can unpack and hit the road. Being a unisex design it is convenient for everyone in the family, with a full charge cycle taking 3.5 hrs it can easily ride out 25-30 kms. I have been using it for nearly 2 months now and am very pleased with its performance. I surely recommend it to anyone planning a battery powered cycle.

Mr. Jeet Shah

I would recommend this product for sure. I am using this electric bicycle since about an year now. Its comfortable and worth at this cost. I use it for my daily commute to university and back home. I am saving my pocket money over petrol and it’s better for my health, as I frequently ride it in pedal assist mode.
Mr. Jeet Shah, Vadodara.

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