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Picture of electric bicycle with cyclobike written on it in blue


CYCLOBIKE comes with everything that needs to start your adventure right away. You can be sure that you’ll get a very sturdy electric bicycle that is more than capable of offering the degree of comfort you need as well. Every part of the electric bicycle is created to last, so it is up to you how much you use it daily or what kind of tracks you’re looking to explore next. Yes, you can easily use the same bike for city tracks and off-road tracks as well, as it has what it takes to withstand your challenges. Whether you’re riding it on tarmac or bumpy roads, you will enjoy the same level of comfort each time on your cycle.

Choosing to ride CYCLOBIKE can change your life in so many ways. It can help you improve your state of health and well-being by helping you introduce more exercising into your daily schedule. It makes commuting easier, as it helps you avoid stressful traffic. It offers the chance to spend time with family and friends in a pleasant manner, exploring the outdoors and enjoying green scenery. And for those looking for adventures, the CYCLOBIKE take things up a notch by opening doors toward unexplored terrain.


The CYCLOBIKE brand is created and run by a man with extensive experience in the domain of electrical equipment manufacturing, who is also determined to offer only high-quality products at all times. Having over two decades of expertise, Mr. Kamal Dalal noticed the need for better and cleaner transportation mean in the city. Knowing that the electric bicycle is one of the most popular and green devices used for transportation, he decided to offer people the chance to access top-notch products. This is how the company came to life, ready to give everyone the possibility to enjoy an electric bicycle that can answer to today’s requirements and standards regarding technology. All of this is available within an affordable price range because exceptional products should be always in reach.


Picture of electric bicycle black in colour
Picture of electric bicycle grey in color
Picture of electric bicycle silver blue in color
picture of electric bicycle yellow in color

CYCLOBIKE brand electric bicycle are designed meticulously based on the need of an urban traveler, while they are in harmony with the nature. These electric bicycle provide the rider, a very high level of stability and comfortability for the urban as well as off-road travel. The basic electric bicycle comprise of best quality mechanical parts gives you effortless flow with long lasting durability. The premium quality electrical parts ensure long term consistent performance.

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